Tim Souza


The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder - RWS

Munin Kim


Cambodian at heart, Munin is a passionate relationship builder who Lives to Learn, Lives to Love, and Lives to Explore.

Speaker Relations

Noah Bezaire

Speaker Relations Director

You can probably find me at the closest Chipotle.

Yasmin Zaimi

Speaker Relations Manager

I'm not dating Aladdin.

Henna Javed

Speaker Relations Manager

Quesadilla enthusiast. #UndercoverMexican


Sarah Ippolito

Finance Director

I prefer the term "5 foot fun" over "short"

Ram Subbiah

Lead Accountant

Guts. Glory. Ram.

Susan McCrae

Sponsorship Manager

Canadian San Franciscan. Great Dane loving Dachshund owner.

Nan Jiang

Sponsorship Manager

"Act like a lady, think like a Nan"


Allison Marchese

Marketing Director

Lifting a wine glass to my lips counts as a bicep workout, right?

Karl Jakelski

Street Marketing Manager

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

Emily Misurec

Content Manager

Writer, music obsessor, and aspiring world traveller. Currently losing the battle against coffee.

Connor Ruest

Graphic Designer

I like long, romantic walks to Sephora.

Sam Hashem

Outreach Manager

Do it with passion and dedication, it makes the taste of success sweeter.

Danielle Cruz

Outreach Manager

Knowledge Integrator interested in social innovation, hiking, and bubble tea. Also an aspiring lip sync rapper.

Larissa Lee

Lead Photographer/ Videographer

My need to become successful comes from my very expensive tastes.

Sitesh Patel

Social Media Manager

Lover of all things nerdy. #GetSchwifty

Amina Musa

UX/Web Developer

Mountain goat

Participant Experience

Gillian Shi

Participant Experience Director

I live to spark joy, cultivate perseverance, and make wontons!

Anne Filion

Participant Experience Manager

Food network enthusiast, dog lover and retired (yes, retired) speed swimmer.  20 year old in body, 80 year old in soul.

Anna Zuo

Logistics Manager

Eat - Explore - Enjoy :)


Sanjay Parker


A comic fan who knows more about soccer and film than you do. #COYS

Apurva Gurjar

Production Manager

I dance through everything!

Ishan Mishra

Stage Manager

At the sombre age of fifteen days old, Ishan became the youngest person to ever take an international flight.

Samir Reynolds

Livestream Manager

Sometimes I do things